Quantitative Trading

Quantitative trading is a method of trading financial securities using advanced mathematical and statistical models. Traders use quantitative analysis and programming to develop trading strategies that can automatically execute buy and sell orders in the financial markets.This is the old fashion way but still ongoing. 

The AI

This Quantitative Trading is what the AI ( Artificial Intelligence) does in Crypto Currency. Through the App even a newbie, a dummy can trigger a trade with limitation. 

A Newbie

In the App you can trade by pressing a button with the idea of trading via arbitrage. Meaning buy low in a crypto network sell high in another crypto network. The AI handles it but needs a person to initiate a trade.

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This calculator is for sampling only using the method 2.5% daily compounding with $100 minimal deposit for 30 days

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Compounding Mathematics

Numbers Varies by the Amount

TIP: Invest only money you can afford to lose and pull that money after 30 days as the rule of thumb.

Invest only money you can afford to lose minimum S100

$500 5months 25days method

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With the innovative app you get your moneyback in 30days then leave the profits do the trading everyday and compound daily.

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Simple app that caters for newbies trading crypto. A dummy guide for arbitrage trading. The website's purpose is to expand and grow together as a team.

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